Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Model Aircraft – An Overview

Model aircraft can be found across a broad spectrum of society and cross both economic and social boundaries. They are often thought of as toys and many enthusiasts around the world, old and young alike derive a great deal of pleasure from either builing and/or collecting scale model aeroplanes.

These are also used by film studios for props involving planes that are no longer available, as well as to save costs on hiring the real thing. The cost of hiring a helicopter for a week is substantially less then hiring a remote controlled scale model one. Model aircraft are used to take low level Arial photography, this is especially useful in built up areas where normal aircraft can’t fly. For this purpose model aircraft are modified or specially designed.
Airlines and manufactures use them for marketing, as well as for testing a prototype.

Read our guide on building plastic model aircaft kits to avoid spoiling your first kit.
15+ vital tips that will help you building your first plastic model aircraft the right way.

Scale model aircraft are basically scaled down replica’s of the real thing, standard scales range from tiny to relatively large.(There is no limit, it depends on whatever scale someone may decide to start a project.) One of the joys of scale model building/collecting is that you can recreate virtually any aircraft from any era you wish. So if you have a passionate interest in the Second World War, and the European conflict is your interest, you can recreate all of the aircraft that saw action in that theatre, researching colours, markings, some people even research plane numbers and the pilots who flew them.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Beginners Guide To RC Model Planes

There may be some personal opinions expressed in this article (all identified) but please remember that they have been formed during 34 years of teaching RC to over 500 students. These days you can find that there are many small sized aircraft in attractive shapes and fascinating colors that are small enough to be flown indoors. This can help you, as a beginner rc model aircraft pilot, get out of some sticky situations. As the motor or the engine built inside the model receives the radio waves it is activated and the plane in ready to fly. Motor rotation is shown by the arrows around the motors. Although a life-sized ornithopter never became a reality, this miniature one makes an unusual RC toy for remote control gadget collectors. This is because of the wide variety of RC toys out there, not just different types of toy vehicles, but also radio-controlled animals and dolls.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How To Choose The Best RC Planes For Kids And Beginners

For both young men and young ladies RC toys are a decent type of excitement. While the 5,000-square-foot store carries nostalgic and educational toys such as Thomas the Tank Engine, it caters to railroad hobbyists with an excellent assortment of G-scale, HO-scale, and N-scale trains. There are many different types of rc toys such as electric rc cars, motorcycles, trucks, model aircraft, helicopters and boats in market. For serious people or those that have been in the hobby awhile, kit types of RC cars are a better and more challenging idea. Petrol (gasoline) powered rc planes aren't as common as glow powered ones, but in recent times rc engine manufacturers have been concentrating their efforts on producing more, and smaller, petrol engines and they are becoming more popular. Two gasoline engines, one per wing. If you too are a fan of RC helicopters, no doubt, you own one or are about to. If you are purchasing a remote control helicopter for a person under the age of 10 please purchase a toy helicopter. They are available at most online remote control stores or at your local hobby store. Remote control ultralight aircraft for sale designs are available to the diverse variety of beginners all the way through in order to professional level.

Monday, 27 November 2017

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Model Aircraft – An Overview

Model aircraft can be found across a broad spectrum of society and cross both economic and social boundaries. They are often thought of as t...